St. John's Infant School

The St. John's Infant School was founded by the St. John's church on the initiative of the then Rector the Rev. W.A. Robinson, an English man.
In 1913 he recognized the need to provide a facility for the formal education of infants four (4) years old and older.
With the process of time many things have changed. In 1960 the wooden building was renovated and enlarged, by the Ministry of Education who also accredited the school and ensured that it met certain standards.
While the school had been adversely affected by storms and hurricanes it has withstood the test of time. Through help given by USAID and other caring agencies, the school has proven resilient.
In 1997 on the request of the Hon. P. J. Patterson who was the Member of Parliament and Prime Minister, 'Friends of America' made a donation that enabled the building of two rooms, which now offered greater comfort both for teachers and students alike.
The school has been the beneficiary of assistance from Supreme Ventures who in 2003 repainted the entire building and upgraded both kitchen and bathroom facilities.
However, the school still need the current bathroom facilities to be upgraded as well as a lunch room which will facilitate a family type dining area, where all students and teachers can sit together and enjoy their lunch together. This will help the teachers to model and teach table manner.
Today the school continues to see improvement in many areas, though urgent help is still needed to respond to an ever changing environment.
Currently the school has an enrollment of 75 students and the staff and school family would love the play area to have perimeter fencing to ensure a safer environment for the students as well as to keep out animals from the play area.


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